Rainy Season in East Asia

May 29, 2019

Rainy seasons in Eastern Asia are usually around May and June, when stationary fronts form easily during transition from late spring to early summer. Sometimes, continuous rain could easily make lowland areas with poor drainage swamped and cause property loss, especially to underground floors in buildings. Besides vehicles, elevators are also easily damaged if the […]

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God Bless the Philippines

Apr 23, 2019

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake had struck the Philippines recently, causing buildings collapsed and casualties; various aftershocks had also been recorded. There are many countries like the Philippines, located on the “Ring of Fire” where earthquake happens frequently. When an earthquake happens, if we can’t escape from buildings right away, we have to take shelter in place, […]

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Earthquake Sensor Makes You Safer

Mar 15, 2019

This month is the 8th anniversary of 311 Tsunami in Japan. We can’t control the earthquake, but we could prevent the accident from happening. Primary Wave and Secondary Wave are seismic waves, both are created by earthquake. Normally, P-wave with smaller energy and faster speed will arrive earlier than S-wave, which contains stronger power with […]

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